Last of ‘Fleur’ collection.

I had one last clasp of ‘Fleur’ collection, I had a bit of fun with cold enamelling, I  used the small fresh water pearl that my mother gave me a while ago…well years ago ! and made her a long necklace. She hasn’t seen it yet, if she doesn’t like, it will be available to purchased, I’ll keep you posted.

If you have any old necklace that you don’t like any more or simply it need to be restring contact me,  I am sure I can help you.

Let’s change this ring ! I’m not wearing as it is…

A client contact me asking if i could do something with the ‘unused’ and a stone she likes to use with the idea of giving you new life. Of course I said !

Geometric ring with a sparkling blue stone

Geometric ring with a sparkling blue stone

so here what she gave me, I’ll clean and polish the ring, change the ring band, the shank, and set the stone inside the square….well this was the idea ! Then we decided that a new square box for the ring was better option, the original one wasn’t very square !!

Here is the new ring. The stone is Drusy,dyed.

She likes it ! So she decided to have matching necklace…..